Home News Woman ends life for rejection of Visa by the US

Woman ends life for rejection of Visa by the US

Woman ends life Visa rejection

Reshma, 39, was married to Sanjeev Sharma, both residents of Faridabad, UP. His wife committed suicide after returning back to India when her husband’s application for extension of his H-1B visa was rejected by the United States Government.

A mother of two was suffering from depression with the immediate changes occurred in their lives. A month later after their return, when her husband and the 2 children went out to fix their laptop she committed suicide by hanging herself to fan here in Hyderabad.


  1. It’s wrong. She has done injustice to her children,husband and her family members. Whatever may be the reason, you returned to your country and you should be happy about it. Think about your parents who have grown you in India with all those difficulties. You have wasted their sacrifices. You ran away from your responsibilities.

    Be grounded… this is what a parents should inculcate in their children’s day to day life activities.


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