Home News Shocking News: Wife commits suicide after H-1B Extension denial

Shocking News: Wife commits suicide after H-1B Extension denial

Wife commits suicide H1b

A shocking incident has happened today, Ms.Reshma a 39-year-old woman and a mother of 2 children has committed suicide due to the harder H-1B processing rules by the U.S. Let’s come into the story.

Ms.Reshma and her husband Mr.Sanjeev Sharma have been living in the united states since past ten years, Mr. Sharma managed to work in Bank of America. Recently Mr.Sharma’s H-1B extension got denied and he along with his family had to leave the U.S. The Couple has appealed to U.S. authorities that their children’s education will get affected, but their appeal was ignored.

Mrs.Sharma has hung herself to a fan at their home, police have begun to investigate the case. Mr.Sharma has said that “My wife was very disturbed when she came to know about the status of my work permit. While she wanted to return to our native state either in Faridabad or Noida, I found a job here,”.

Mr.Krishna Reddy, a visa consultant has told that “in the past couple of months there are many cases of non-extensions of work permits in U.S.A and was also seen saying that there are many opportunities for IT experts and there is no need to get depressed”.


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