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Indian Sikh Doctor Gets Death Threats in the US

Sikh Doctor Death Threats US

An Indian Sikh doctor in the United States has got death threats from an unidentified caller in Indiana, among a series of hate crime occurrences in which Indian- Americans have been aimed.

Amandeep Singh, the general internist at Monroe Hospital, Indiana, newly received the death threat by a text message on his phone by the anonymous individual who alleged to have killed the number’s previous owner, community leaders told.

“I believe I’ve been living (in the US) here 14 years and never experienced anything like that specifically,” Singh told.

“My job is serving the people you know, every day I’m there for the people and taking a stand with them and serving the community. It was hard for me to comprehend even something like that coming to somebody’s mind,” he continued.

“The subject then indicated that Singh was next,” Indianapolis-based Sikhs Political Action Committee (SPAC) told in a statement.

Bloomington Police noticed that the phone’s owner was alive & that a third party had hacked the number.

Singh told the local police was currently handling the incident as a racially provoked hoax.

Singh has been living & working in the United States since 2003 later graduating from a medical school in India. Singh moved to Indiana three years ago to seek an administrative job at Monroe Hospital.

Indiana is one of only 5 states without a hate crime law, the Indiana Public Media News proclaimed.

“This is one of several similar threats against Sikhs in Indiana in the last week including one incident which involved a handgun,” PAC chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa claimed.

1 incident involved a direct threat against a Sikh from an individual carrying a gun.

“Somebody showed him the gun… and asked him, ‘Who are you?’ ‘What country he belongs to?'” the report stated.

“Intimidation and violence against the Sikh community has been on the uptick since September 11 across the country. We love this country.That’s why we’re here,” told Gurinder.

Sikhs have also been warned in Kansas & South Carolina, Gurinder stated, adding that they have also got reports from some Sikh business owners of vandalism & intimidation.

The committee is currently working with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill to discuss widespread harassment & violence against Sikhs in Indiana.

“American society has no place for this type of violence,” Gurinder continued.

There has been a range of hate crime incidents against Indian-Americans. Weeks before, Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot when a United States Navy veteran opened fire at him & his friend before shouting “get out of my country” in Kansas.

Beginning this month, a 39-year-old Sikh man was shot in his driveway in Washington state. The gunman had reportedly said the man to “go back to your own country” ahead pulling the trigger.


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