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Teen found guilty of Fatal Shooting of Indian American Clerk

Shooting Indian American Clerk

A teen has been sentenced for shooting & killing an Indian American store clerk during a theft in May 2015, the St. Augustine Record summarized.

Circuit Court Judge Howard Maltz of St. Johns County Court addressed the verdict on Thursday that convicted 17-year old Sergio Morgan- Wideman for 1st-degree murder.

Morgan-Wideman murdered 29-year-old Malav Desai at Tobacco & Beverage Express in St. Augustine. The then 15-year-old assailant was caught on May 19, 2015.

Judges heard from higher than twenty witnesses & watched a surveillance video of the conflict. The jury also saw the teen guilty of robbery with a firearm & 2 counts of aggravated assault, the website stated.

Lead counsel Rosemarie Peoples said, jurors, while her closing argument of the 3-day trial that the state hadn’t met its responsibility of proof for murder & looked out that no crime scene technicians or analysts were capable of finding any of Morgan-Wideman’s DNA there.

Assistant State Attorney Mark Johnson called the shooting “senseless” and furnished evidence for the teen’s involvement in the crime.

“Malav Desai did not fight him, he did not argue with him, he did not resist in any way,” The St. Augustine Record quoted Johnson. “Malav Desai did exactly, exactly what this defendant ask of him, he did exactly what this defendant demanded of him. He gave him all the money from the cash register.”

The trail of eighteen-year-old Andre Jerome Robinson Jr., who was noticed driving the sports utility vehicle in which Morgan-Wideman fled after the crime, is listed to begin in May & he also faces one count each of 1st-degree murder & robbery.

Morgan-Wideman could face life in prison, though because of his age, would be likely for a review after 25 years. His sentencing is listed for May.


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