Home News Breaking News: Another Indian shot in the US

Breaking News: Another Indian shot in the US

Punjabi man shot US

Making it even more terrifying for several United States aspirants, another Indian man has been killed by armed robbers in the US yesterday. Ever since Trump has observed the office as United States president, the number of crimes on Indian citizens & workers have taken a soar.

Going into news – the 26-year-old Punjabi man Vikram Jaryal, who’s working as a clerk at AM-PM gas station in Washington state, was reportedly shot by a couple of robbers. According to police, Vikram was shot in the head even after he handed over the money they demanded. Also, they are examining this case on the lines of a hate crime.

The shocking news about Vikram’s loss has been carried to his family in Punjab, India & his brother has confirmed that Vikram had moved to the United States only a month ago. Moreover, it’s learned that state police are on a lookout for suspects through the surveillance cameras near the gas station & are assumed to catch them soon.

On other hands, Indian embassy is doing arrangements to bring Vikram’s body back to India at the earliest. Responding to dead person’s elder brother tweet, union minister for external affairs

Sushma Swaraj posted: ‘My heartfelt condolences on your brother’s tragic death. I am asking Indian Embassy in US to provide all help and assistance.’


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