Home News ‘Have your papers ready’: Customs officers checking IDs on DOMESTIC planes

‘Have your papers ready’: Customs officers checking IDs on DOMESTIC planes

checking IDs DOMESTIC

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from Muslim nations is now affecting both domestic & international passengers.

Travelers at JFK International Airport in New York City shall have just been subjected to Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting,” conveying the impression that this may be the unique normal for the following 4 years. Britton Taylor on Twitter posted a photo of United States Customs agent is inspecting the IDs of all deplaning from a domestic Delta flight. Customs & Border Patrol agents said Gothamist that the agents were on scene to help ICE remove one with a removal order.

“When we were getting out there were two customs agents,” forty-one-year-old Matt O’Rourke said Gothamist. “I don’t think they had a clipboard or a list. I think they were just looking at everybody’s ID. They did it really carefully. You could tell they weren’t just looking for a name. They read my entire ID and looked at me the entire time. I was probably the tenth person off the plane, and they did the same for everyone in front of me.”

O’Rourke stated the head flight attendant told “3 or 4 times” over the flight’s loudspeaker to “please have your papers ready,” earlier correcting that statement to ask travelers to hold their photo identification ready.

“I flew almost 200,000 miles last year,” O’Rourke added. “I’ve never had my ID checked getting off a domestic flight.”

ICE told that a judge announced a deportation order for a traveler on flight 1583 from (SFO)San Francisco to New York. Following the search, the agencies discovered the passenger they were seeking was not on the plane.



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