Home News Indian man khandu patel killed in crossfire outside US motel

Indian man khandu patel killed in crossfire outside US motel

khandu patel killed outside US motel

A 56-year-old Indian man has been killed after getting trapped in a crossfire outside a motel in the United States state of Tennessee, becoming the 5th from the community to be killed in the nation since February.

Khandu Patel, the father of two, worked as a housekeeper at Americas Best Value Inn & Suites in Whitehaven, a report in Fox13Memphis told.

The incident happened on Monday when around 30 shots went off.

Investigators tell one of those bullets hit Patel. He was standing at the back of the motel when he was shot & later died at the Regional Medical Center.

Khandu had worked at the inn for around eight months. His wife & children lived at the motel with him.

“He finished his days’ work and was out walking around the property. Next thing you know he hears some gunshots flying around and one caught him in the chest,” Jay Patel, the victim’s nephew, was quoted as stating by the report.

“He didn’t even make it to the hospital to be saved.”

He continued that the family was ready to shift to a different location for a new job.

“He was ready to get out of there,” told Jay Patel. “Just trying to put food on the table so he had to take what he had at the time.”

Investigators have set up flyers all over the motel investigating for information regarding the killer, which notes there is a Crime Stoppers reward.

The report continued that Patel’s nephew is asking anyone with information to come forward support the family gets justice.


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