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Johnny Depp’s Monthly Expenditure Is Over $2 million, $30,000 Is Spent On Wine

Johnny Depp's Monthly Expenditure

How much is your monthly expense? Okay, I know I’ve felt a sore spot, but think if you get to spend $2 million every month! No, I’m not puffing anything folks, since that’s how much Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp spends in a month!

Johnny Depp


In an exciting turn of events, Johnny Depp freshly fired his management firm TMG & also file a lawsuit upon it for cheating.

Call it retaliation or anything else, but TMG has now filed a cross-complaint claiming that Depp has an “ultra-extravagant lifestyle” & he spends close to $2 million (approximately, Rs 13.52 crore) monthly!

These are the details of his overtly high expenses:

  1. $75 million on fourteen residences spread all over the world
  2. An expenditure of $18 million to buy & renovate a 150-foot yacht
  3. $30,000  a month on “expensive wine” that the Johnny Depp actor gets flown from around the globe for his “personal consumption.”
  4. “Johnny Depp also paid over $3 million to blast from a specially made cannon the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson over Aspen, Colo.,” the lawsuit also alleges. – Source: TheWrap.com
  5. In addition to the above, throughout the times, Johnny Depp supported his friends, family & individual employees at the cost of above $10 million

According to the firm, Johnny Depp not only fired the company but he also denied to pay back a loan worth $5 million that he owes to them.

He then continued to sue TMG accusing them of “self-dealing & gross misconduct.”


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