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Jisha’s Story: Brutally Raped, Vagina Slashed & Intestines Pulled

Brutally Raped Vagina Slashed

Jisha, a law student from Law College, Ernakulam was raped & murdered at her home between 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. She lived in a single room home near the main road Perumbavoor with her mom. It has been eight days since Jisha was murdered. She was found dead when her mom came back from work by 8 p.m.

Jisha had a critical head injury also wounds were found on her chest including the face. Jisha’s vagina was slashed over twenty times and her intestines and abdominal organs were pulled out. To assure her death, her rapist/rapists smothered her. It is believed that the home was broken into and a fight happened between Jisha and her rapists.

The incident happened on 26th April and the news did not seem in any newspapers. Right now the regional channels of Kerala are busy covering the forthcoming elections. The focus of the whole society is only in the elections coming on 16th May.

Another cause for the lack of interest is as there is no juicy controversy here. Unlike the Solar scam concerning Saritha Nair, which was in the headlines for times, there is no celebrity or politician involved as of now. The only family for Jisha was her mother and it resembles the family has no political influence whatsoever. So it is just another ignored statistic.

Another reason is because this happened in Kerala, in an area where the media attention is relatively less. There are rapes worse than this happening all over the nation. How many are/were given the spotlight it deserves?

The media’s reaction towards this case was disgraceful. Every headline started with the line ‘Dalit raped and murdered’ immediately polarizing the issue into a casteist and religious violence rather than a human rights issue. Some blamed it all on the ruling party targeting the election, while some blogs and articles made claims that there were members of a political party linked, though the police have officially made no such claim. But none of these parties or newspapers even bothered to visit the spot or the family.

Many universities like KaladySreeSankara University, Government Law College, Ernakulam, Kerala University, feminist groups, also civilian groups have organized peaceful protests and candle-lit marches across Kerala.  #JusticeforJisha is trending throughout online now. Though it is fairly late, the media and politicians are awakening up.

#JusticeforJisha- Please do not let her be another statistic.


  1. India prides it self on protecting its women, but I see alot of rape stories. The government must take notice and protect these woman by educating men and giving harsh sentences to the criminals.


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