Home News Indian Man Jailed for Selling Illegal Pills; Loses US Citizenship

Indian Man Jailed for Selling Illegal Pills; Loses US Citizenship

Indian Jailed Loses US Citizenship

A 29-year-old Indian-American was torn off his U.S. citizenship after being jailed for more than 5 years in jail for scheming to illegally distribute male enhancement pills shipped from China.

Ismail Ali Khan was also condemned & sentenced for falsely stating that he was not a criminal on his application to become a naturalized United States citizen, federal prosecutors told on Friday.

Prosecutors said Khan, a resident of Decatur in Georgia, & others illegally imported

pills from China containing an active ingredient in Viagra and distributed them throughout the United States, Patch news portal reported.

He was the member of a criminal export ring that planned an elaborate scheme to import to the United States, male enhancement pills with names such as “Maxman,” “Happy Passengers” from China.

The ring’s plot involved mislabelling scores of drugs to evade detection by the Food & Drug Administration and United States Customs & Border Protection.

The drugs were labeled as pottery, beauty products, coffee, & tea, federal prosecutors told.

Khan’s sentence would be served by 3 years of supervised release, according to the report.

“This defendant endangered the health of countless individuals by illegally importing and distributing drugs that can be obtained in the US only with a prescription written by a licensed, medical professional,” the United States Attorney John Horn told.

“What’s more, this defendant became a naturalized United States citizen by giving a false statement to the government about his criminal history, while he was involved in this illicit drug scheme.

“Khan’s willful criminal pursuit gained him more than a prison sentence. It cost him his citizenship & deportation after prison,” the attorney told.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Steve C. Jones ordered that Khan’s status as a naturalized United States citizen be revoked and his certificate of naturalization was declared void.

He also ordered that Khan is immediately deported to India once he completes his prison term. At that time, the supervised release will not be enforced.

Khan filled out an application in 2013 to become a naturalized United States citizen while the drug conspiracy was going on. He became a naturalized United States citizen in March 2014.


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