Home News Indian Man charged of trying to kill unborn child in the US

Indian Man charged of trying to kill unborn child in the US

Indian charged kill unborn child us

Manish Kumar Patel a 43-year-old guy of Indian origin is being kept for several felony charges, including planned murder of an unborn child, burglary. Mr. Patel may face arrest of up to 100 years if convicted on the charges.

This man escaping justice for past 9 years has been finally caught lately in the New York. He is being taken for giving an abortion drug into his girlfriend’s smoothie, letting her miscarry.

According to the Law of Wisconsin, “the killing of an ‘unborn child’ at any stage of pre-natal development is first-degree intentional homicide,”.

According to the court documents, Patel was already a married and has begun an affair with Darshana who is a physician. She has seen Manishkumar stir an ice cream at an ice cream store and has offered to her where she has seen a strange powdery substance.

The substance turned out to be mifepristone, a drug which is utilized for abortion. She has registered a complaint against him and when have searched his home they have found mifepristone pills which he has got from India.

The suspect has confessed that he has given a pill to Ms.Darshana, he has said to officials that he has done this because he does not want any babies.

The court this month has imposed a $50 million cash bail on Patel, stating: “This highly unusual case deserves a highly unusual bond.” He noted that Patel – through his friends & family – has access to large amounts of cash, and had earlier fled to India, while on release on a lesser bail amount. His case may have another hearing sometime following week.


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