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H-1B visa lottery system likely to end by this year

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The H-1B visa lottery system will close by this year & a new system will take its position with an importance on extraordinary skills & masters degrees, a White House official stated in a press briefing this week.

The United States government intends to change from a random lottery system, which weighed in favor of lowest pay workers, towards a system of extremely skilled & highly paid workers that would make it hard to displace American workers.

Each year, a fresh cap of H-1B visa applications is being opened by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. The USCIS picks the applications on a random basis & this system is called the H-1B visa lottery.

With hopes of the H1B visa becoming more opposed, applications for H-1B visas received by the USCIS have declined from 2,36,000 to 1,99,000.

“Top recipients of the H-1B visa are companies like Tata, Infosys, Cognizant — they will apply for a very large number of visas, more than they get, by putting extra tickets in the lottery raffle, if you will, and then they’ll get the lion’s share of visas,” told the official.

The USCIS is also expected to give more prominence to master’s degree holders who have an allocation of just about 20,000 slots, in addition to the 65,000 annual H-1B visa quota.

The amendment of the H1B visa regime is possible to create extra job opportunities in  India, eastern Europe, and the Philippines.


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