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New Bill: H-1B for American Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering or mathematics

H1B American Ph.D.

A bill called STAPLE Act has been re-introduced in the House of Representatives seeking an exemption for foreign-born persons with an American Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering or mathematics from the limits on the no. of employment-based green cards & H1B visas awarded annually.

Introduced by Congressmen Erik Paulsen & Mike Quigley, the STAPLE Act (Stopping Trained in America PhDs from Leaving the Economy Act) is expected to benefit Indians given that they constitute the highest number of students doing Ph.D. in the US.

Erik Paulsen said that while there is no wonder that intellectuals from various countries come to the US for advanced degrees, United States should be doing all it can to assure these students who have acquired high standard education & training should be allowed an opportunity to contribute to the American economy.

 “With thousands of high-skilled jobs going unfilled, the STAPLE Act makes sure American companies are getting the talent they need. By stapling a green card or (a) visa to their diplomas, these professionals can invent and innovate new discoveries that grow our economy,” stated Paulsen speaking to a news agency.

Quigley, in his remarks, also said the similar view. He said that if the United States is trying to foster innovation, spur economic activity, and stay competing in the global marketplace, it must encourage the brainy students in the world to study, work, and stay in its areas.

“We cannot advance our technology or research if we continue sending foreign-born, but US-educated, students with advanced degrees away,” he told.

Noting that the H-1B visas are subject to annual caps that are woefully short of the no. necessary to fill high- skilled jobs, the 2 lawmakers pointing on many studies stated that H-1B visas correspond with an improvement in jobs for native citizens.

Illustrating an instance they picked on a 2011 American Enterprise Institute study. They told that the study has found that “an additional 100 foreign-born workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) fields with advanced degrees from US universities is associated with an additional 262 jobs among US natives.”

In the wake of United States President Donald Trump all set to make ‘Hire American’ rules that are designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the United States, STAPLE Act, if granted a nod, shall prove to be a silver line in the cloud for H-1B aspirants pursuing Ph.D. in the US.


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