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Other than H-1B: Alternatives to Consider to legally work and live in the US

H-1B Alternatives

1. L-1 Visa

Organizations in the United States with a related entity abroad (parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate) may transfer managers, executives and those with specialized knowledge to work for the United States entity on an L-1 visa, United States-based immigration attorneys VisaPro told. An employee, who has worked for an international company for at least one constant year during the last 3 years of employment, can apply for this the L-1 visa.

2. H-2B Visa
Personnel who are needed in the United States for a temporary, seasonal or a one-time employment may consider using H-2B visa, which is usually valid for jobs lasting less than one year.

3. H-3 Visa
The H-3 visa category allows international nationals to stay in the United States for up to two years to receive training. The employer must demonstrate that the training is not available in the international national’s home nation, VisaPro told.

4. O-1 Visa
The O-1 visa category is for extraordinary people who are the “best” in their field, according to VisaPro. It can be used for artists, entertainers, athletes, scientists, researchers and business people.

5. EB-5 Visa
Popularly known as the “Golden Visa,” to be eligible for an EB5 visa, the applicant needs to invest a minimum of $500,000 in a United States business. With increased scrutiny over H-1B visas, wealthy Indians are increasingly looking to EB-5 visas to get the coveted United States green card. Currently, China secures about 85 per cent of the 10,000 EB-5 visas handed out every year.


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