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Green Cards For Indian Students With STEM

Green Cards Indian Students STEM

As part of the struggle to retain Indian talent, who come to the United States for higher studies with a maximum of them being in the field of STEM, Tillis favored the concept of giving green card along with their degrees.

Indian talent is essential for the United States to maintain its leadership in the area of innovation & research, a top American senator told amidst the ongoing controversy over immigration

“We need that (Indian) talent to come in and fill these jobs if we want to continue to be the leader in innovation and in research,” Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina said a group of influential Indian Americans at an event organised at the Capitol Hill early this week by the United States-India Friendship Council & United States-India Business Council.”I’m the one who has said publicly that for any person from any country who comes to the US and gets an advanced degree in areas where we need the resources that we should have a policy that basically staples a green card on the back of their diploma with the agreement that they will work and contribute to the American economy because it creates American jobs when we do that right,” stated the Junior Senator from North Carolina.

Tillis told he would have had an another opinion if there was enough skill within the country.

“The single greatest empowerment to our economic growth as we continue to move towards three per cent or four per cent GDP growth will be the resources that we need to fill hi-tech jobs, advanced degrees, advanced analytics, science and research,” Tillis told.

“These are very very important jobs for the US to continue to maintain its competitive advantage as the greatest innovative nation that has ever existed,” Tillis told.

Tillis, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee wherein he has an essential role to operate in immigration reform, in particular, those associated to visas.

Previously joining politics, Tillis was an associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers back where he & worked with people in Bengaluru & Mumbai on a daily basis.

“Part of that was just a natural evolution of IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing that we looked for areas that we could provide the best value for the clients,” he told.

“A part of them is because our visa programs here are very limiting in terms of the number of resources that we can bring in country to fill gaps that we have here that actually create American jobs,” he told.

“I for one, think that we have to work on work visa programs, whether it’s H1B, visas at one end of the spectrum or H2 at the other end of the spectrum,” he stated.

On March 3, the President Donald Trump Administration declared the suspension of expedited processing of H-1B visas for up to 6 months.

Many bills now in Congress also suggest additional changes to the H-1B visa process, broadly used by Indian IT firms &  professionals.

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