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Fundraising campaign: Mr Anil Pallikonda, Last wish

Fundraising campaign Mr Anil Pallikonda

Mr Anil pallikonda is suffering from squamous cell carcinoma (Head & Neck Cancer). He is in his Terminal stage. Doctors at Memorial Herman Hospital (Houston) advised us that they cannot treat him any further and to take him home to spend his last days.

His last wish is to travel back to India & continue to fight the disease with any available options (like Ayurveda). He is not in a state to travel on a commercial flight due to the risk of bleeding that could be fatal. So we need to opt for Air Ambulance.

Fundraising campaign Anil Pallikonda

His friends call him “Dad” as he is a very caring and loveable person. Anyone who interacts with him or gets to know him will see their own Dad in his love and care. He will go to any extent to protect and help his friends and families in need. A true fighter who will never give up at any cost. And so are we in standing up for him to support. Though the doctors are giving up on him he is not ready to give up and wants to continue his fight against this horrible disease.

His wife (Swathi Chunduri) and a two-year-old daughter (Medha) are dependents on him. My heart just stops whenever I see the little girl waiting for her father to get better.

To fulfill his last wish we are collecting funds to make arrangements for his travel to Hyderabad, India by Air ambulance. We wish and hope the treatment in India helps him recover.

Please pass this message to all of your friends and family to help fulfill his last wish.

Donate Now: https://www.gofundme.com/my-brotherinlaw-last-wish

Note: This article is just intended to the help the person and his family,  people looking to help can help using the link below. This website is not responsible for any financial dealings.

Source: https://www.gofundme.com/my-brotherinlaw-last-wish


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