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Higher than Fifty Percent H1-B visas for Indians

Fifty Percent H1-B Indians

In what can be termed as some surprising figures about H1B visa approvals, a well-known research organization of America called Pew Research Center released stats of the total number of work visas distributed by the United States in last 15 years I.e from 2001 – 2015.

Going by numbers gathered by Pew, it was indicated that Indians apparently got the lion share of H-1B visas from beginning this century. Between 2001-2015, United States approved 50.5% of work petitions from India also in number – that’s 892,914. And, China trailed us with a large gap and it’s total share to get a 2nd place – 9.7% (171,577).

The 3rd, 4th & 5th places have been taken by Canada with 3.8% (66,562), Philippines 3% (53,302) & South Korea with 2.8% (49,302) respectively. Though, alike numbers are not going to be reflected in the days to come after the United States government redesigned existing H1-B visa policy.

The data shows Indian had the largest H1-B visas approved, thanks to the IT industry in leveraging work petitions to that huge extent. The government data also show that California (17.7%), New Jersey (14%), Texas (12.2%) & New York (7.2%) were top 4 states in the United States for H1-B approvals.


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