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The Edge of Seventeen Movie Review

The Edge of Seventeen is a unique coming-of-age R-rated comedy-drama film, truly smart and authentic. This movie is very easy to watch and clearly welcomes freshness. Newcomer director Kelly Fremon Craig did a wonderful job, which is my opinion, following this solidly developed story that he wrote all by himself. The movie is almost a study of an average teenager’s life. You cannot help but feel that it hilariously moves you…

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It was an interesting role for Hailee Steinfeld in a long time, ever since True Grit, and she showed us that she could nail the life of a high school misfit with perfection. Now that I think about it, she reminded me of her role in Pitch Perfect 2, not that the two characters are similar! Judging from her performance, one could say the girl is not giving up yet. Other stars did their best as well: Academy-award nominated Woody Harrelson was a treat to watch, while Emmy-award winning actress Kyra Sedgwick adorns the role of a single mother with two teenage kids: well and at the end we got a smoothly moving film which kept lingering with us even after the end of the movie.

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The movie is about an average girl Nadine who has constantly been living in the shadows of her older brother Darian, that is until Nadine’s best friend Krista, gets into a relationship with him. Nadine is an awkward high school junior who deals with loneliness until her unexpected friendship with Erwin.

This film is not just some teenage dramedy, and it also explores the importance of family and friendships. The colorful cinematography brings that “happy note” which is extremely well mixed with the following hues of bitterness that you feel at times.

A critically acclaimed film, The Edge of Seventeen is one of those rare movies you place beside The Perks of being a Wallflower, The diary of a teenage girl. It is raw and appealing, makes you laugh hard through your tears, and that makes it a perfect holiday movie to catch.


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  1. Perfect meticulous linguistic touch on the life a forlorn girl with all hues of the presentation of realistic actors’ brilliance….Good job writer….looking on your long ahead career….


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