Home News Delta Airlines Pilot Slaps Female Passenger At Atlanta Airport

Delta Airlines Pilot Slaps Female Passenger At Atlanta Airport

Delta Pilot Slaps Passenger
A Delta Airline pilot was captured on camera slapping a woman who was involved in an out-of-control brawl.
It’s been a turbulent year for United States airlines, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Video has emerged of a Delta pilot hitting a passenger in the aftermath of an Atlanta airport brawl.

While trying to break up a fight between 2 passengers, a Delta pilot appeared to deliberately slap a woman in the face.

The incident occurred last week moreover the footage was captured while passengers were de-boarding the flight in Atlanta. 2 women seemed to have a disagreement and got into a physical altercation. They beat each other to the ground. A pilot interrupts; you can hear a raised voice say “knock it off” as he grabs 1 of the women on the ground and whacks her.

According to TMZ, few Delta employees were shocked because security wasn’t called & that a Delta spokesperson states they’re “taking this very seriously.”

The video was reportedly taken on April 21 and was quickly investigated by Delta officials. Though the pilot was temporarily suspended, the airline decided he was not in the wrong and was just trying to “deescalated an altercation.”

“We became aware of this incident and a video last week and immediately removed the pilot from duty while we completed a thorough investigation,” a Delta spokesperson told TMZ. “Local law enforcement was called to respond at the time of the incident. The pilot has since been returned to work as our investigation found that his actions deescalated an altercation between passengers on the jetway floor during deplaning.”

Neither woman intended to press charges upon anyone involved.


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