Home News Bill against abuse of H-1B visas introduced in US Congress

Bill against abuse of H-1B visas introduced in US Congress

Bill against abuse of H1B visas introduced

A bill is trying to prevent United States companies from outsourcing jobs overseas by “abusing” the H1B program, reintroduced in House of Representatives by 2 lawmakers.

Started by Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer & his Republican colleague in the United States House of Representatives, Doug Collins, the bill aims at preventing employers that are granted temporary visas through the H-1B program from utilizing them to train workers in the United States & then shift those jobs to another nation.

“The Keeping American Jobs Act protects American workers by preventing bad actors from abusing the system in order to offshore jobs,” told Collins in a statement, days after sixty Minutes in the PBS aired a documentary on H-1B visa programme that enables skilled workers from nations like India to fill high-tech jobs in the United States.

“Protecting American jobs is crucial in order for our economy to continue to gain strength and momentum,” said Collins. “Companies have the opportunity to bring workers from overseas on H-1B visas in the event that qualified Americans aren’t available, but we can’t allow the law to be exploited to displace American workers and send their jobs abroad,” he told.

“Our policies should promote jobs in America,” said Kilmer. “They shouldn’t be about sending jobs done by hard working Americans overseas. That’s why I’m continuing my push with Representative Collins to keep H-1B visas from ever being used to send any job to another country,” he told.

Noting that H-1B visas permit American businesses to hire international professionals if experienced American workers are unavailable to fill employment opportunities, a Congressional statement told the employees must have expertise in areas like science & technology and have college degrees.

“This week, 60 Minutes reported that unscrupulous employers have utilised the programme to bring foreign workers in and displace American jobs. This follows reports last year that American workers were forced to train H1B visa holders to do their job so that the jobs could be permanently outsourced to foreign workers,” the statement stated. PTI


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