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The Rich And The Famous: Where Does Tom Cruise Live

Where Does Tom Cruise Live
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Where Does Tom Cruise Live

Tom Cruise has always been a globetrotter. The man makes tons of films over the year and travels around the world. Clearly, he owns several cribs. Also, he sells them off one by one. So where does the megastar live when he is not cruising? Find out where does Tom Cruise live.

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse in New York; then he moved to Beacon Hill in Canada. His family returned to Cincinnati. As you can see, Cruise spent his entire childhood changing schools.

Tom is now the highest paid actors on earth. And how does he indulge in his riches?

The Mission Impossible star recently sold his Beverly Hills Mansion for $40 million dollars. He also sold his Hollywood Hills estate to Eva Longoria for $11.4 million.

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When you earn like a king, there are no limits (absolutely no) to the number of mansions that you own!

He also has a house, more like a country home near the Scientology British headquarters, South of London. Cruise is also selling off the East Grinstead Mansion English estate at Rede Place which he bought for $4.75 million

His Telluride Colorado vacation home is priced at $59 million. The house is still on the market. Ka-Ching!

And he has two New York properties: a townhouse priced at $28 million and a condominium apartment in NYC’s East Village which was sold $3 million.

So where is Tom Cruise currently residing?

It has been reported that Cruise is shifting to Saint Hill Manor in England. The house belonged to L. Ron Hubbard, a Scientology leader. The manor is not far from his East Grinstead house. Rumour also has it that he might be moving to Clearwater which is the Scientology headquarters in Florida. It is not clear as to where Tom Cruise is moving next. But one thing is for sure that it has got to be either of them two.


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