Image via flickr/prayitnophotography
Image via flickr/prayitnophotography

Distinctive filmmaker, Steven Spielberg is already a famous name and obviously one of the most popular figures on earth. The man has given us blockbuster after another blockbuster spanning over four decades. Easily accessible, his movies have been a fuel to our vehicle of thoughts for decades now.

The first home movie he made was with Lionel trains in a train wreck, and others include The last gunfight and war film Escape to Nowhere. Firelight was his first independent film. The idea of Firelight crystallized into Close Encounters of the Third Kind later.

The University of Southern California did not take him in because of his low grades. He later enrolled himself at California State University. Subsequently, he dropped out of college. He did his intern with Universal Studios in the Editing department. There he made his first short film, Amblin’. Impressed with his filmmaking abilities, he was given a directing contract. Spielberg started with TV wherein he directed an episode of Night Gallery.

Now, what makes his movies stand out from his peers? His determination to complete the filming of Jaws, despite all the hurdles that threw at him, won him three Oscars. Call it self-determination and never-give-up attitude; Spielberg has always been a risk-taker. His next film was Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), which he wrote himself and directed. Thus followed Raiders of Lost Ark (1981) and much-beloved film ET: Extra Terrestrial (1982). Although his initial movies could be seen in a relaxed manner, each of them is powerful in their ways. He also addressed crucial issues in his films sending strong messages.

After indulging himself in larger than life movies for a while, Spielberg switched gears to addressing issues of humanity like The Color Purple (1985), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Schindler’s List (1993). His other notable works include Jurassic Park (1993), War of the Worlds (2005), A.I: Artificial Intelligence (2001), Lincoln (2012), Catch me if you can (2002), The Adventures of Tintin (2009), The BFG (2016) and more.

Remember the time he dropped out? It looks like the legendary man went back later to complete his BA degree much later in 2002. Subject: Film and Electronic Arts.

Dealing with movies for all ages, he has made the audience attach themselves to his storytelling and direction. He delivers ironic and comic effect with ease. Steven Spielberg has kept reinventing himself with various themes and genres, ranging from sci-fi extraterrestrial life to family oriented films to coming-of-age films to thrillers to animated films to biographies (that’s a lot!) over the years with new ways of conceiving and perceiving a subject.


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