Home News Indian-American in the US in Critical Condition After Shooting

Indian-American in the US in Critical Condition After Shooting

Indian-American Critical Condition Shooting

An Indian-American man in the Atlanta, Ga., state is in severe condition after being shot late June 12 at his place of work, according to statements.

Sameer Hasmukh Patel, 24, a resident of Gujarat’s Patan district, was shot following 2 suspects robbed the departmental store in which he worked, according to various Indian media news.

Patel, who was closing the store at the time of the incident, was transported to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. Reports have stated that he remains in severe condition.

The 2 suspects, caught on the security camera doing the crime, allegedly stole money from the register & escaped the scene.

According to a Times of India article citing Patel’s uncle, Patel went to Atlanta 3 years ago to search for opportunities for his family member.

The incident is another in the spate of crimes with Indian Americans as victims this year.

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