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The Amazing Story Of Why This Dog Attends Church Every Day On His Own Is Totally Marvelous


As you will notice in the video here, Tommy is extraordinary.  He not only admired his owner.but he aspires to honor her memory.

Tommy attends the church following his owner’s death every day. After the loss of his owner Maria while the church bells ring he runs to the church & sits silently. It looks he is praying for the left soul of his beloved person Maria.Or maybe he is praying to Jesus to allow him to meet Maria again! Tommy does not bother anybody in the church.

He just sits their calm & peaceful & waits for the day he’ll have his wish answered. It’s a short example of how strongly our dogs can love us.

Dogs do not forget their loved ones in any situation. Their love is so selfless. I know you’ve faced such occurrences in your life also. Let us know with your comments below!

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