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Amityville true story

The Lutz family is surrounded by mystery, which has left many asking, "Is it true?" We don't think so.


The Amityville Horror

The Lutz Family

The events that unfolded in Amityville, New York over 40 years ago are full of contradictions, and the story of what happened to the Lutz family is surrounded by mystery, which has left many asking, “Is it true?” We don’t think so. Let’s look at some of the reasons why: First, George Lutz knew the history of the house, but he always claimed that he didn’t know when speaking with the local press. Second, despite the alleged horror the Lutz family experienced, they were very quick to trademark the name “Amityville Horror.” Third, and most important, George managed to close an unprecedented contract with Blumhouse Productions, which gave the Lutzs exclusive rights to all the films and written publications.

The Plot of The Amityville Horror

Andrew Douglas, 2005
Budget: US$19,000,000
Box office in the USA: US$65,233,369
Total box office: US$108,047,131
IMDB: 6.00/10 (95,548)

The Lutz family purchases an old mansion for an extremely discounted price, and they believe that they are lucky. After moving to their new home, strange events start to happen. The Lutz family starts to hear knocking around the house and, eventually, they start seeing ghosts. This prompts the family into doing research, where they become aware that the family of six, the Defeos, who lived in the mansion before them died tragically. Further, they find out that only one person survived the Defeo family massacre – the Defeos’ son, Ronald Defeo, who had shot his whole family while they were sleeping. According to Ronald, a voice ordered him to kill his family. After living in the house for some time, George Lutz begins behaving strangely. He often becomes angry and aggressive, and it seems that he isn’t himself anymore. The audience finds out that George has begun hearing the same voice as Ronald, and it is saying, “Catch them and kill them.” It turns out that this mansion is home to a den of demonic forces. Desperate, Kathy Lutz invites a priest to their house to exercise the demons, but even he runs in horror, unable to help. What did he see? If you want to find out, you’ll have to watch The Amityville Horror. This film is appreciated by fans of horror and mysticism and keeps the audiences in suspense for the whole 90 minutes of runtime. Warning: Do not watch this at night. This film is based on real events.

How Is The Amityville Horror Based on a True Story?

In both real life and the film, the killer, Ronald Defeo, was convicted for six life sentences for a total of 150 years.

Today, he is held at the Greenhaven Correctional Facility in Beekman, New York. He has applied multiple times for early release but has yet to be approved. However, despite having a life sentence, Ronald has seemingly found love. He was able to get married multiple times in prison, and he is currently on his third marriage.

What Really Happened?

For more than 40 years, the massacre in Amityville has excited the minds of both ordinary people and forensic experts. Ronald Defeo shot and murdered his parents, brothers, and sisters in just 10 minutes, leaving behind many questions. Mysteriously, no one heard gunshots from the Marlin, a .35-caliber mark rifle, which can be heard at a distance of a kilometer. This small detail has forced police to look back at the series of events to find out what happened after all.

Chronicle of Events

In Amityville, New York, on Wednesday, November 13, 1974, at about 6:30 PM, 23-year-old Ronald Defeo came into Henry’s Bar hysterically screaming, “You must help me! It seems my mother and father were shot!” Ronald and a small group of people went to the Defeo house and found six dead bodies in their own beds.

Ronald was not immediately suspected. His alibi to the police was that he stayed up until 2 AM watching TV. He couldn’t fall asleep after, so he went to work instead. He tried to call home several times, but nobody answered the phone. In the evening, he entered home through the kitchen window because no one answered the front door. This is when he went upstairs and found the bodies of his parents and siblings. He also alleged that convicted felon Louis Falini had previously lived there, which connected Falini to the Defeo murders. Falini quickly became the first suspect.

A few days later, Detective John Scherewell began a detailed inspection of Ronald’s room. In the closet, he found two Marlin 336C rifle boxes with a caliber .35 Remington. Soon another detective, Ronald Rafferty, began to suspect Ronald after finding an error in his timeline; the police had discovered that the Lutzs had been murdered before the time Ronald allegedly left for work, meaning he would have been present during the murders if he left for work after 2 AM.

After confronting Ronald, he changed his story. Ronald claimed that he was woken up at 3:30 AM by Falini and his men, and they held him at gunpoint. Ronald alleged that they killed his family in front of him. Ronald attempted to destroy the evidence because he was worried the police would think that he committed the murders because he was the sole survivor. However, Falini had an alibi; on the day of the murder, he was in another state. When confronted with this evidence, Robert confessed to murdering his family.

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